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In a few easy steps, you may recharge your phone online for data, an unlimited pack, a balance, or anything else. Therefore, if you want to understand how to recharge your Jio phone online, you have arrived at the correct location. Review the following section to discover how to make an online Jio recharge.

Online Jio Recharge Instructions

Here is how to recharge a Jio mobile phone using Bajaj Finserv BBPS platform and Paytm:

On the Bajaj Finserv BBPS platform

By following these instructions, you may effortlessly recharge your Jio number via the Bajaj Finserv BBPS platform:

  • Select “Recharge Now” to access the BBPS payments page
  • after that your complete name as it appears on your PAN card
  • then your 10-digit cellphone number and click ‘Generate One-Time Password’
  • and the OTP and click the “Proceed” button
  • In the Recharges section, select “Mobile Prepaid”
  • Select a biller from the menu that drops below
  • Enter your registered jio recharge mobile phone number and click “Continue”, Select your preferred payment method and finish the transaction.

On the Paytm Mobile App

  • Open Paytm mobile app
  • Select “Recharges and Bill Payments”
  • Select “Mobile Recharge”
  • Enter your Jio cell phone number.
  • Select Jio as the Operator if Paytm does not retrieve it.
  • Browse the available jio recharge plans, choose the appropriate one, or input the recharge amount. To finish the cellphone recharge, click either “Fast forward” or “Pay.” The quick forward option deducts the money from your Paytm wallet, while the proceeds to pay bill option allows you to pay your bill using a Debit Card, Credit Card, Paytm Wallet, UPI, Paytm Postpaid, or Net Banking.
  • Complete your transaction, and you are done!

Advantages of Online Jio Recharge on Paytm

Paytm is India’s most popular recharge and bill payment platform due to its excellent services and many advantages. Among the most significant benefits of utilizing Paytm to recharge Jio are:

  • Paytm makes Jio recharges quick and straightforward, saving you time and effort.
  • Receive several enticing offers, promotions & discounts, cashback points, and more when you recharge your BSNL account ( T & C apply)
  • Paytm remembers your Jio cell number and the last recharged jio plans-prepaid or postpaid, allowing you to reload your Jio account in the future quickly.
  • Paytm notifies you of your next Jio recharge so that you never forget to do it on time.
  • Flexible payment options for Jio online recharge, allowing you to pay in your chosen manner.

Make Instant Jio Recharge Online At Freecharge

Jio, a Reliance subsidiary, is one of India’s leading telecom service providers.

Jio is also the only network in the nation supporting VoLTE voice calling technology in all locations. With more than 95 percent of India’s population covered by its 5.32 million 4G LTE network base stations, it is significantly better than its rivals

Jio’s prepaid recharge plans are inexpensive and provide several advantages. You may choose between monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, calling plans, data plans, Top-ups, and roaming jio plans, among other options. On the Freecharge app, you may quickly navigate between different options and recharge your Jio account.

Input your Jio cell number, search for Jio recharge plans, and choose the best one that meets your requirements. Customers of Freecharge will also get the following benefits:


Freecharge does not add additional fees to the Jio prepaid plan you choose. You may select any Jio recharge plan and do a free cellphone recharge at no extra cost.


Recharge your or anybody else’s Jio account anytime and from any location. After your first payment, your consumer information will be automatically remembered, so you do not need to remember them again.


On the Freecharge app, you can find online bargains and promotions for Jio recharges. You will not incur any extra fees and gain incentives in the form of cashback. Freecharge is the most excellent platform for Jio mobile recharge, with various other enticing deals.

Options for Making Payment

Freecharge provides an abundance of cellphone recharge payment alternatives. You may use Freecharge wallet, UPI, Net Banking, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards, among other payment methods. Additionally, you may use legitimate promo codes to get extra savings or deals.

How Do I Recharge Jio Prepaid Using Freecharge?

Here are the procedures to locate and choose your following Jio prepaid recharge plan:

  • Sign in to the Freecharge app
  • Select ‘Mobile’ from the list of New Payments.
  • Enter your Jio cell phone number (if the other operator is being displayed, change to Jio)
  • Select “View All Plans” Here, you may compare the features of each plan so you can choose the one that best meets your requirements.
  • Select the desired plan
  • Now, pick the payment method from the available choices.
  • Enter the relevant details, and your Jio account will be recharged.
  • Additionally, mobile recharges for VI Recharge, BSNL Recharge, and Airtel Recharge may be made.

Plans for Jio Prepaid Recharge

Jio provides various Jio prepaid recharge programs to accommodate its customers’ diverse demands. Jio includes something for everyone since each prepaid recharge plan offers unique perks.

In your Freecharge app, you can discover information about unlimited calling perks, unlimited 3G/4G Jio data plans, Jio Talktime recharge plans, and other Jio prepaid plans.

Whatever Jio prepaid recharge you do, it will nearly instantly reflect on your account. You will also get a transaction confirmation message. With each purchase, Freecharge offers cashback of up to Rs. 100.

Get Jio Recharge Offers And Cashback At Freecharge

You may also see other Jio recharge deals on the Freecharge website.

In addition, frequent Freecharge customers get SMS messages with special cashback codes that they may enter on the payments page to receive money in their Freecharge wallet.


Jio has rapidly become one of the significant recharge platforms in the business. Consequently, it has a broad consumer base throughout the nation. If you have a Jio prepaid account, you may recharge it quickly on Paytm. It is the most reliable recharge platform and offers several extra features and perks, such as a cashback offer and reward points, among others.

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