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How To Drive More Traffic For Your Store By Using The Best Exterior Lighting Systems



Optimal lighting is a must if you want to increase footfall in your store and drive your business ahead. If your business is located in an area away from the main city and there is no proper illumination, you must take steps to rectify the situation.

Many businesses in a similar situation have turned things around merely by investing in quality temporary lighting systems or permanent light fixtures placed strategically.

If your business is dull because the lighting in and around your place is woefully inadequate, you must invest in ways to make it more visible to passersby. Merely using sodium wall packs at the front of the building will not help. Research ways to make the store and your business sign clearly and broadly visible from a distance to potential customers.

You will be surprised to know that proper exterior lighting can do wonders for your business. Investing in LED lamps and placing them in a way that would illuminate the whole building and accentuate the front entrance is a great idea. You will be amazed at the results. In most cases, the change in footfall will be dramatic. It is a simple way of putting your business ahead of others.

Temporary lighting solutions can deliver more light than you expect. The bright lights are designed to work smoothly in harsh weather conditions. They are also ideal for use inside your shop. Of course, they can shine bright in any weather and wet locations without the performance getting hampered.

Lighting systems such as modern string lights and hand lights can be deployed when you want to add temporary lighting to highlight your business on special occasions. These lighting systems work well for commercial establishments where lighting plays a crucial role in attracting customers.

Temporary lighting systems can also be used in tandem with your permanent lights to create more illumination when you want to draw customer attention to certain advertisements and billboards around your shop. It offers a simple, affordable, and convenient way of resolving inadequate or dim light issues.

Various options are available for using fixtures that come with large units of LED lamps. You can research the market or visit online stores to discover the numerous choices available in this segment.  By using the best lighting system for your store’s exteriors and interiors, you can improve the flow of customers and enjoy more sales and profits. It’s that simple.

You might even find people coming to you and saying they never noticed your store before

you did the lighting refurbishment. The decorative nature of your LED fixtures can be another reason why people are taking a second look at your store. You can be sure your investments can pay off in a few months. Just make sure you invest in the best brand and do not compromise on quality and performance.

Duraline is one of the leading suppliers of exterior lighting systems for commercial enterprises, construction sites, shipping areas, tents, tunnels, and more.

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How to Find Comfort Afterjeff timmer son death





Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when it’s your own child. It can leave you feeling lost and utterly shattered. Jeff Timmer knew this pain all too well after losing his son to an untimely death. But amidst the despair, he discovered ways to find comfort and healing that transformed his life. In this blog post, we’ll explore Jeff’s journey and share tips on how you too can find solace during difficult times of grief. So let’s dive in!

Jeff Timmer’s Life and Career

Jeff Timmer is a celebrated American journalist who has been writing for newspapers, magazines, and online publications for over 30 years. He has also authored two books about life in the Midwest.

Timmer’s career began in the early 1980s when he started working as a reporter for The Muskegon Chronicle. In 1985, he moved to Chicago and became a staff writer at the Chicago Tribune. From 1995 to 2006, he served as national correspondent for TIME magazine. During that time he won several awards, including the Overseas Press Club award for reporting on global issues.

Timmer wrote his first book, A Good Life: Living Well and Laughing Hard in the Midwestern Heartland (2006), after retiring from TIME. The book is based on interviews with people who live in or have lived in the Midwest region of America. It has been praised by reviewers for its honest portrayal of life in rural areas and its sensitive portraits of family members and friends.

Since retiring from TIME, Timmer has continued to write articles for newspapers and magazines. His most recent book is called Where I’m From: A Journalist’s Return to His Midwestern Home (2012).

The Aftermath of Jeff Timmer’s Death

Jeff Timmer, the father of missing journalist Jeff Timmer, died on Tuesday after a long battle with cancer. The tragedy has left his family and friends mourning the loss of a loving husband and father.

The family is asking for anyone with information about Jeff’s whereabouts to please come forward. “We just want him home,” his son, Jeff Timmer Jr., wrote in a Facebook post.

In the days following Jeff’s disappearance, family and friends came together to set up a website to help search for him. That effort continues today as members of the community share flyers across town and donate money to help with expenses.

“Our hearts are breaking,” said his wife Tania in an interview with ABC 7 News. “He was our rock.”

Tania spoke about her husband’s love for journalism and how it inspired him during his struggle with cancer. She also thanked the community for their support in this difficult time.

How to Deal with Grief and Loss

When Jeff Timmer died in a car accident, his friends and family were devastated. Grief is a natural response to the death of someone we care about, and it can be difficult to cope with. There are many ways to find comfort after losing a loved one, and there’s no right or wrong way to go through this process. Here are some tips for coping with grief:

1. Seek support from friends and family. Grief is a very personal experience, and it can be difficult to cope on your own. It’s important to talk to people who care about you in order to get through this tough time.

2. Take time for yourself. It can be hard to focus on anything other than grieving when your loved one has died, but taking time for yourself is important. Spend time reflecting on Jeff’s life and how you’ll miss him.

3. Remind yourself that everyone grieves differently. Some people feel intense sadness at the loss of a loved one, while others may not feel anything at all for a period of time after the death. This is normal and doesn’t mean that you’re lacking love or respect for Jeff – it just means that you’re going through different stages of grief.]]

4. Connect with nature. Spending time outdoors may help ease the pain of grief by helping you reconnect with your natural instincts.[/spoiler]

How Jeff Died and Left His Wife Alone

Jeff died tragically in a car accident and left his wife alone to deal with the aftermath. She was left to deal with the funeral arrangements, the grieving process, and the shock of losing her husband.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how to cope after a loss like this, but there are some things that can help ease the pain. First and foremost, it’s important to find comfort in your own company.Talking about your husband or son openly can be therapeutic for both you and those around you. It can also help you come to terms with your grief in a healthy way.

If talking isn’t your thing, then taking some time for yourself is essential. This could mean retreating away from social media or cancelling all appointments for a while. Avoid anything that will make you feel overwhelmed or stressed out.

In the end, only you can decide how to heal after such a devastating loss. But these tips should help get you started on the path to healing

The Struggles of Post-Death Life

It’s been just over a year since Jeff Timmer passed away in a car accident. In that time, Jeff’s family has gone through many struggles as they adjust to life without him. One of the most difficult aspects of this process has been trying to find comfort after Jeff’s death.

Jeff was a loving husband and father who enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. He was always interested in new adventures, which made him an endlessly fun person to be around. Unfortunately, those same qualities also made Jeff dangerously adventurous.

The car accident that took Jeff’s life was a devastating tragedy for his loved ones. To make matters worse, many of the memorial services for Jeff were held shortly after he died due to the fact that his body had not yet had time to decompose. This caused many people close to him to feel even more disconnected from him than they already did.

As difficult as it may be, there are ways for families affected by death to find comfort. One important step is to create a memory book filled with photos, stories, and memories of the deceased. This book can serve as a source of comfort and remembrance for future generations.

Additionally, it is important for families to talk about their loved one’s death openly and honestly with friends and relatives. This can help them come to terms with their loss and begin healing emotionally

How to Deal with the Loss of a Loved One

It’s hard to cope with the loss of a loved one. There are many ways to find comfort, and there isn’t just one right way to go about it. The most important thing is to find what works for you and stick with it. Here are some tips on how to deal with the loss of a loved one:

1. Talk about it

One of the best ways to cope with the loss of a loved one is to talk about it. Talking openly and honestly can help you process your feelings and hopefully come to some closure. It can also be therapeutic for the person grieving and can provide support for them during this difficult time. If talking isn’t an option for you, writing down your thoughts or memories may also help you feel closer to your loved one in death as well as during life.

2. Remember their good moments

Don’t forget all the good moments shared together – those happy memories will help ease the pain of grief. cherish these memories and hold onto them as long as possible, because they’ll be especially poignant in later months or years when you’re struggling less actively to remember them. Pictures, mementos, or even just stories about those happy times can keep you going when things seem too difficult or overwhelming.

3. Get involved in activities that were shared together

Do something active that was enjoyed together – like going out for walks, riding bikes, working on puzzles, or playing games together. Anything that gets


When Jeff Timmer died, it rocked the online racing community. Racecar driver and avid Facebook user Timmer was found dead in his California home on July 1st after an apparent heart attack. The 40-year-old’s death sent shock waves through the racing world as friends and fans remembered him for his candid writing and infectious laughter. In this final essay, I aim to share my own experience of losing a loved one to offer some advice on how to find comfort after such a devastating loss. While there is no single answer that will work for everyone, I believe that talking openly about our feelings can be incredibly healing – even if we never reach a resolution. If you are struggling with how to cope with Jeff’s death, know that you are not alone and there are resources available to help you through this difficult time.

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How To Take Care Of Glass Furniture When Moving Out?



Glass Furniture When Moving Out

Glass furniture helps you to enhance your home’s and office’s overall visual appearance. Glass furniture, such as a glass table will help you to make smaller spaces look bigger. However, it can be a nightmare when it comes to taking care of this furniture when moving out. Since these items are extremely fragile, you need to take great care of them. Not handling them properly not only increases your costs but can also be dangerous. Therefore, to know how to make these complex moves simple, take a look at the below-given points. These points will help you know ‘how to pack glass table tops for moving?’

Have all the necessary materials in hand

You need to have all the necessary materials required to pack the glass materials. You will require more than just a cardboard box and tapes. You should have items such as bubble wrap, specialised moving crates, labels, packing paper, etc. You can place all these items in a small kit. Thus, you can carry out the process of packing easily in a room-by-room format. You can also source your packing materials from a moving company. Through them, you can get industry-standard materials and boxes to move fragile items. Use items that are already available in your home. These include blankets and jumpers that can be used to wrap glass items. This will also help you to pack two things at the same time.

Carry out disassembling

You might wonder ‘how to wrap a glass table top for moving?’. Some of the glass furniture, such as a table needs disassembling to be done. Disassembling will also allow you to pack and move the items more easily. Tables can be a great example of such items. For example, you can remove the glass portion of the table and pack it separately. Thus, you will get an idea of ‘how to pack a glass table top?’ You should also take photos or videos when disassembling the table. This will make the process of assembling them again easier. This will thus act as a great tip for ‘how to pack glass table top for moving?’

Label the items correctly

Labelling your glass items correctly will help the removalist to know that there are fragile items present in the box. They will handle such items with extra care. You can label them with the help of a permanent marker. You can also use fragile printed tape which will make your task of identifying delicate items easier.

Do not stack glass items

Make sure that you do not stack any glass items. Stacking glass items together can create scratches or damage. Separating them also become a complex task if they are stacked together. Also, avoid putting anything on top of the fragile boxes. You should also avoid laying the glass down, as it might shatter or break. The strongest part of a glass is the edge. Thus, it is recommended that you should lay it by the side or upright. Therefore, you should give great importance to furniture storage.

Have insurance

Even the most perfect packing jobs can be followed by mishandling. The glass can also be damaged when you are transporting it to the destination. Thus, having insurance will help you maintain your peace of mind.

Take the help of professional furniture removalists in Hobart

It is highly recommended that you should take the help of furniture removalists in Hobart to take care of your packing process. They will take extreme care of your glass and other fragile items. Thus, you will not have to worry about the items getting damaged when moving. A team of experts will also have the necessary tools and techniques which will help them to carry out the process effectively.

You should keep the above-mentioned points in mind to carry out proper handling of glass items when moving. These points will help you know ‘how to prepare furniture for moving?’.To find the best service providers, you can simply browse the web. However, before opting for interstate removalists in Tasmania, make sure you know their services beforehand.

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Drain a Washing Machine With Step-by-Step Procedure – 7 Simple Steps to Follow



Drain a Washing Machine

A washing machine is a heavy-duty appliance in your house that can ease your task of washing clothes. It tends to wear or tear and needs repair or replacement with time. After All, it’s a machine and gets stuck with technical parts with a specific expiry date. You should know how to take perfect care of your washing machine. If you are reading this post, you will learn how to drain a washing machine with a step-by-step procedure. A washing machine needs a procedural method for setting up and working perfectly. 

If you are facing a problem or issue with your washing machine, follow the below steps to get over it. 

Switch off the hoses in the washing machine

The first step is to switch the hoses off if you don’t want to flood your laundry room. You will get the washing machine valves situated near the machine. 

Drain the water

You can drain your washing machine by leaving the valves off and turning the washer on to regulate a warm water cycle for 30 seconds. Check the switch of the lid and dial for automatic draining of standing water through the regulator. 

Turn the electrical system off

It is best to use these techniques when your washing machine is not draining. You can repair it by prioritising safety by turning the power and water supply off before proceeding further. It will prevent you from electrical shocks, currents and machine floods. There are high chances of catching current easily with water. 

Prepare with a large bucket

You should place a shallow bucket, container or tub below the drain hose in your washing machine. Remove the drain hose clamp carefully and hold the hose up to remove all the water to get collected in a large container or tub below. It will not flood your laundry room with water all around. 

Detach the drain hose for a complete repair

There are three hoses in a washing machine through which you can drain off the used water and get the hot and cold water from the remaining hoses. You should carefully and cautiously remove the drain hose and place it in a container or tub filled with warm water. It will help you deal with any pipe blockage, and you can remove debris or any other waste easily. You can clean the washing machine drainage pipe and prevent further harm or damage. 

Move the machine 

You should move your machine forward if it is kept above the wall. Access the panel, and don’t forget to refer to the machine manual. There is a drain pump hose and inlet hose that is directly connected with spring clamps. Remove the excess water for washing machine repair in Brisbane

Clean washer

After draining all the water from the washing machine, you can take a soft-bristled brush with warm water to clean the washer completely. You can scrub and vacuum the dirt and dust collected in the drain pump filter and drainage system. It is a simple way to use a washing machine drain cleaner. You should clean all the hoses with hot water and cold water. 

Contact a professional washing machine repair expert

You can do some of the tasks, but you should take the help of a professional expert to troubleshoot your washing machine properly. They know the best procedure of how to install a washing machine drain hose carefully without any breakage. You will determine the root cause of your IG washing machine not draining. Professionals will also guide you with the most important tips for proper care and maintenance. 

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