4 Reasons Why Mobile App Development is Actually Great



Mobile Application Development and its Importance

The whole world is in a mobile phone nowadays. And everyone loves to use mobile phones. There are billions of smartphones users are present in the world right now and the number has increased in the last five years. The mobile manufacturers are making billions of dollars by selling their unique and newly designed smartphones. And due to the increasing number of mobile phone users and mobile application users. The market of mobile application development is becoming bigger and bigger.

Everyone wants their business online presence and because of the usage of mobile application they need a mobile application for their business. They want mobile app development agencies or individuals who can make them attractive and user-friendly mobile apps. So, that they can reach to the new customers and improve their business situation as well as improve their value of their brand.

 There are many types of mobile applications that people love to use. Like social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. The other type is gaming apps. The gaming industry has become the most earning industry in the world right now. And there are millions of game users are using mobile games. The number of mobile games users are in billion. So, this type of mobile app development is very demanding in the mobile app development industry.

The third type is shopping apps like amazon and Flip kart. And due to the success of these apps many business owners want to sell their products online. And that’s why they mobile app development agency or individual for developing their apps.

 Benefits of Mobile App Development for you

Many agencies provide mobile app development solution for your type of application need.

 The first benefit of having a mobile app is to communicate with your customers directly and know what type of product they are loving. And what product needs improvement or some changes.

The second benefit is that you can run your business from your home. And you don’t have to pay bills like in the physical shop and stores. You have to pay electricity bills, gas bills, Taxes etc.

Third reason is that your business will become huge if your product is good. Because if someone loves your product, he will tell his friends and family and then they will also buy from your application.

Fourth reason is customer trust which is the most important aspect in a successful business.

But the above benefits are only for those who have an engaging mobile app. And for that you need a mobile app development agency or individual for you

Mobile App Developers

Mobile app development is a hard skill to learn and that is why people pay them more. And company hires mobile developers on high salary because they are in demand right now.

There are two type of operating systems that grabs the whole market of smartphones first is android and the second is iOS. Both operating systems need different types of programming languages to build application on their operating systems.

Mobile app development can be done on android by Kotlin, C++, C#, JAVA and Python programming language.

And on the other hand, mobile app development can be done on iOS from swift and Objective-C.

Both type of mobile app development needs high skills level to understand the app requirement and scale of the app.

And they should have a knowledge of responsive web application development services as well to understand different feature size according the device size.

Most Used Applications

In the previous year (2022) TikTok is the most used application in the world. The downloads of this app are almost 670 million across the world. And the most played game in the previous year is Free Fire from Garena. The number of downloads of Free Fire are 22million in the year.

An average mobile user uses mobile applications around 3-4 hours in a day. And mostly are social media applications.

The Next Five Years for Mobile App Development

There are many technologies that will storm the internet in the upcoming years. Like for gaming industry Virtual Reality will change the whole user-experience for gaming. Many more technologies like Blockchain, AI, Cloud Computing will change the whole industry of web and mobile app development.

These industries will require very experienced developers to develop and work on these technologies.

So, the next five years will be the most important years for web and mobile app development. Because of these technologies the world will become a huge Tech-Hub.

Is the New Technologies being dangerous:

The newly introduced technologies like Chatgpt are one of the most amazing and dangerous things happen to the world in 2022. Because on one side it will give you your required information in seconds. And you can ask any question you want and the AI tool will answer you in seconds with almost 100% accuracy.

But on the other hand, it will eat the jobs of millions around the world in the upcoming years. Like it will damage many industries like writing, Customer care and Programming etc.

But if you are a developer or tech or any type of field related person that is going to be damaged by the upcoming technologies. Then there is only one way possible to survive which is evolve.

And if you do not upgrade your skills and expertise then it is very highly possible that the technology will take your job. And if you are thinking to learn any type of mobile app development skill then don’t waste even a second. Just go and learn and jump in the industry as quickly as possible. Because if you will waste even a month then it is hard for you enter the market.


Mobile apps are become an obsession for the younger generation. You see a lot of people will use mobile phones even with their family. And because of the addiction and the increasing number of mobile users and online businesses. Everyone wants their digital presence and everyone wants to sell their products online and can engage with their customers. And if you are also thinking of making a online presence then it is the right time to do it.

Online businesses are earning a good amount of money. And the mobile app development agencies are earning even more.

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