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The Job Of Math And Calculation In The Creation Of Persian Engineering




Research in Persian design is unthinkable without the information on math. Muslims believed calculation to be a significant science offset with math, crystal gazing and music. In Iranian engineering, mathematical and unique examples were underscored as a shaping element (of the whole design), an improvement strategy (for the parts), decisions and significance transformers. The improvement of calculation in the Islamic world started during the eighth and ninth hundreds of years from Sanskrit and Greek texts to Middle Easterner texts, and by the tenth 100 years, Muslims had made extraordinary progress around here. 

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It is essential to consider the examination of the purposes behind the significance of calculation in Islamic craftsmanship and design and its appearance structures in the entire body and parts of these designs, the way of life that oversee society, and a comprehension of the qualities and implications. In the field of G isometry, extraordinary changes occurred [4] because of the endeavors of Umar al-Khayyam [1], Abi al-Wafa ‘Bizani [2], al-Khwarizmi [3] and Ibn al-Haytham. There appears to have been an association among calculations and draftsmen in the Islamic world and a phonetic portrayal of this relationship should be visible in the Arabic significance of math, which is put together with respect to math as well as on designing. Muslim mathematicians, for example, Buzani and al-Kashi [5] gave manuals planned to portray the major standards of calculation and its applications in design.

Such manuals are specialized, and they mean to make the standards of arithmetic simple and reasonable for non-experts in the field. It appears to be that advancements in science and, thus, in calculation and the coming of new apparatuses during Iran’s authentic traditions, have straightforwardly impacted the improvement of Iranian design.

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The current examination is hypothetical basic, did in a verifiable elucidating technique. The fundamental data was assembled by concentrating on genuine verifiable sources and field perceptions. What we are familiar the connection among engineering and arithmetic is generally founded on interpretive examinations that analyze the advancement of Muslims in Islamic and pre-Islamic verifiable texts. The review was directed as verifiable interpretive, gathering information through the similarity of the set of experiences, workmanship and studies of design. Involving accessible assets and library data in the Islamic time and prior. The point of the current examination is to look at the use of science in craftsmanship, math, calculation and engineering to get a definition and translation of the part that impacted Persian design according to a mathematical perspective, characterizing mathematicians and researchers who impacted Persian design. By doing, history can be thought of. Numerical and mathematical standards administering the standards of plan and drawing.

Writing Survey

The historical backdrop of science and the investigation of design demonstrate two particular ways to deal with the issue of the connection among math and calculation and engineering. Researchers like Saliba (Saliba, 1995) and Holod (Renata, 1988) question the job of mathematicians and the presence of a connection between numerical texts and design. Given the irrelevant connection between these two gatherings, he thought about the sidekick of design’s numerical information in oral structure. Nonetheless, different researchers including Bulatov (1978), Chorbachi (1989), Ozdural (2002) and Nekipoglu (1995) underline the job of science, numerical texts and mathematicians in design, particularly in the Islamic time (Chorbachy, 1989). For instance, zdural relates mathematicians to the critical jobs of advancement in design and related ventures (Özdural, 1995). The zdural presents a progression of citations from these two sources, demonstrating that mathematicians instructed calculation to specialists through reorder strategies and mathematical shapes that could be utilized for embellishing purposes (Özdural, 2000). In a nitty gritty review, Nesipoglu unequivocally makes reference to the piece of math in engineering by underlining the job of mathematicians recorded as a hard copy numerical texts connected with design (Denny, Nesipoglu, and al-Assad, 1998). All the more as of late Iranian researchers, like Taheri and Hejazi, have additionally considered and explored this association, giving material as books and genuine works (Taheri, 2008). Hejazi shows that the far reaching utilization of extent in Persian engineering, like in the plan of plans, heights, mathematical and compositional examples, and mechanical and underlying elements, can be demonstrated through mathematical examination of Persian authentic structures (Hejazi, 2005). Is. Taheri showed how the numerical information on a Persian researcher was utilized in design and craftsmanship, revealing some insight into the secret layers of Kashni’s compositional life that have until recently been considered.Only one mathematician and cosmologist (Taheri, 2011).

History Of Utilizing Math Before Islam

To find out more about the Iranian nation’s information on applied calculation in craftsmanship, and to analyze the mathematical advancements utilized in Iranian design before Islam, we will introduce here a few verifiable periods, the improvements in applied calculation in engineering. Researchers’ information on calculation and its reaction to the structural craft of that time, to show models demonstrating the achievement of

Prior to the Achaemenid Empire

Proof of engineering and metropolitan advancement in this period demonstrates that the utilization of calculation and design in the metropolitan plan and designs of this time was not incapable. As per Herodotus [7], the city of Ecbatana [8] (contemporary Hamdan or Hamdan), the capital city of the Middle, was in an entirely round structure and the city was encircled by seven concentric walls. What’s more, these walls were differently adjusted pathways and designs were underlying its augmentation (Zarei, 2000, p. 77). In this period, Iranian design plentifully utilized representative math, utilized unadulterated structures like circles and squares, and plans depended on an even format highlighting rectangular patios and lobbies.

Achaemenid Realm

The Achaemenian was quite possibly of the best planner and geometers in Iranian history. Here is Shahkarmi’s [9] note about Persepolis [10]: Expert examinations on the designs of its points of support and that’s what its conelike structures demonstrate: The utilization of p-values goes back 2500 years to Achaemenian arithmetic. Was doing. He was completely familiar with unadulterated science and designing. He distinguished the mystery of the p-worth to frame the tapered mass. Calculation late in the building enhancement of the Achaemenian, with straightforward or continuous reiterations of regular or dynamic themes, depended on hub balance, the areas of the shapes and the dispersing of one another with determined mathematical designs (Kharazmi and Sarhangi, 2013). In the adornment part connected with engineering, the lotus plan or whirl twist was directed utilizing straightforward mathematical divisions reliant upon winding development in view of such divisions (Hejazi, 2005, p. 83) The extents were utilized eminently in Achaemenian domains. Se Apadan [11] was finished in the royal residence. Such that corridor contains 36 focal points of support as it is the first square and the width of its breadth pillared galleries enlighten the three sides of the castle (see Figure 1) (Bemenian, Okhovat, and Baghai, 2011, p. 175) . In the Pasargade complex [12] and furthermore in the imperial nursery, mathematical organizations have been utilized in garden planning which as per a few researchers is the beginning of the appearance of Iranian Chaharbagh [13] (Naima, 2006, p. 27). So it tends to be inferred that calculation was powerful from the small size for example Large scale, metropolitan planning and adornment of imperial edifices.

Parthian Domain

The Bhag clans were completely capable at utilizing progressed strategies of different plans, curves and vaults using neighborhood materials (Zarei, 2000, p. 106). This requires areas of strength for applying. There are significant Greek impacts in the design, while a few Iranian components should be visible all along. The draftsmen of the Parthian Domain presented new developments in the field of workmanship, particularly in engineering, attempting to resuscitate Iranian plan emblematic highlights and Iranian craftsmanship through a blend of Iranian and Greek components (Pope, 1971, p. 47). In this Domain workmanship, the themes [15] are more mathematical and the designs are more perplexing because of the impact of Greek craftsmanship (Kharazmi, Apami, and Tavusi, 2012). Making limits and setting themes inside unambiguous classifications is the fundamental impact of Greek craftsmanship on Iranian specialty of the Parthian Realm (Goddard, 1965). For instance the compositional improvement in Nyssa is typically absolutely Greek. Ionic and Corinthian capitals were in extent with those of acanthus leaves. Notwithstanding, the fight and fortresses of Nisa have their starting points in the Iranian style. Likewise through the improvement in the metropolitan region of the Sassanid and Parthian domains, the practice of building round urban communities in the landmarks of the urban communities of Darbugard, the city of Gur and Khoreh Ardeshir [16] proceeded.


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Cannot Add Custom Object to Navigation Menu in Community Salesforce




Navigation menus in Salesforce communities provide an easy way to quickly access the most important information. However, when attempting to add a custom object to the navigation menu of a community. Many users may find that it is not possible.

This article will explain why this cannot be done. And what alternatives exist for adding custom objects to your community’s navigation menu.


Salesforce communities are designed with specific features. That allow administrators to create customized user experiences. Navigation menus are one of these features. Allowing admins to specify which items are visible on the global navigation bar. So users can quickly navigate various pages in the community. While admins can modify existing navigation items such as Home Page and Contact Us.They cannot add new ones without additional development.

Reasons Why Custom Object Cannot Be Added To Navigation Menu:

The primary reason why custom objects cannot be added to the navigation menu of a community is due to security restrictions placed on Salesforce communities by Salesforce. Each object in a community must have explicit access set for any user who will view it. Without this, users could potentially access confidential information that was not intended for them, which could lead to serious security issues. As such, custom objects are not allowed in the navigation menus of communities as they do not have the same level of access control as other components within a community.

Alternatives for Adding Custom Objects to Navigation Menu:

Although it is not possible to add custom objects directly to a community’s navigation menu, there are alternatives that can be used to achieve the same result.

One option is to add custom pages or Visualforce pages that include components such as custom objects, formulas, and other features. These pages can then be added to the navigation menu, allowing users to access them without any additional development.

Another option is to create Lightning Components that contain your custom objects and add them to the navigation menu in a similar manner as with custom pages or Visualforce pages. This can provide an even more customized experience for your users.


Adding custom objects to a navigation menu in a Salesforce Community can be tricky. Custom objects may not appear in the page layout of your Community, so it is important to understand the limitations of Salesforce Communities when it comes to custom objects. This article will explain how to add a custom object to your Community navigation menu and how you can use the Community Builder feature to customize the look and feel of your Community.

How to Add a Custom Object to Navigation Menu in Salesforce Community:

1) In Setup, navigate to App Manager > Your App > Navigation Menus.

2) select the desired menu from the drop-down list (e.g. Global Navigation).

3) Click New Item in the action bar and select Custom Object from the drop-down list that appears.

4) Enter a label for your new item, such as “My Custom Object”.

5) From the object type picklist, select your custom object.

6) Select “Active” to make it available in your Community.

7) Click Save to add the item to the menu.

Customizing Your Navigation Menu in Community Builder:

1) Navigate to Setup > Communities Settings > Community Builder.

2) Select the desired theme from the list and click Edit next to it.

3) Select Navigation Menus from the left-hand pane and choose Global Navigation from the drop-down list at the top of this page.

4) Drag and drop any items you want to add or remove from your navigation menu, including custom objects.

5) Customize the look and feel by setting colors, tokens, fonts and more.

6) Click Save to save your changes.


Adding a custom object to a navigation menu in Salesforce Community is possible with the help of App Manager and Community Builder. With these tools you can easily add or remove items from your Navigation Menu, customize its look and feel, and make sure that all users have access to the objects they need. With just a few clicks, you can ensure that your Community is up-to-date with everything it needs!


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A Step-by-Step Guide on Resolving Issues with Corrupt PST Files



Corrupt PST files

Corrupt PST files can be a major cause of concern when trying to access important data.

In the following guide, we will discuss 10 step-by-step methods to fix corrupt PST files.

1. Run Scanpst –

This is Microsoft’s inbuilt utility for scanning and repairing corrupted Outlook PST files. To run this tool, open your Control Panel and select Mail. Double-click on the Scanpst shortcut or search for it in your C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office folder. Once you have launched the tool, click “Browse” to locate your corrupted PST file, then click “Start” to begin scanning. If any errors are detected, choose “Repair” to repair them automatically.

2. Use a Third-Party Tool –

If the Scanpst utility does not resolve the issue, you can use third-party PST recovery software for repairing corrupt Outlook files. These tools are designed to repair severely corrupted PST files and can also be used to recover deleted emails. Before choosing particular software, make sure it is compatible with your version of Outlook and offers all the features you need.

3. Create a New Data File –

If all else fails, you may have to create an entirely new data file in Outlook and manually import your old messages into it. This process will require downloading Microsoft’s Import/Export Wizard or any other such tool that supports the migration of Outlook data files between different versions.

4. Run an Antivirus Scan –

Sometimes, the corruption of PST files can be caused by a virus infection. To check whether this is the case with your file, run a full system scan using antivirus software and delete all malicious items detected.

5. Use Outlook’s Inbox Repair Tool –

Outlook has its own inbuilt repair tool that helps resolve issues related to corrupt PST files. To use this tool, open the Microsoft Office folder on your computer and select “Scanpst” or “Inbox Repair Tool” (depending on your version of Outlook). Once launched, choose your corrupted PST file and click “Start” or “Repair” to begin the repair process.

6. Try Different Compression Formats –

If you are unable to open your Outlook PST file, try saving it in different compression formats such as ZIP or RAR. This can help reduce the size of the files and make them easier to access.

7. Install Updates –

Outlook periodically releases new updates that may be able to resolve issues with corrupt PST files. Therefore, make sure that you have the latest version of Microsoft Office installed on your computer before attempting any repair work.

8. Repair Windows Registry Entries –

Corrupt registry entries can also cause problems with Outlook data files so it is important to check for any damaged or missing entries in the Windows registry and repair them.

9. Use a Data Recovery Tool –

If all else fails, you may have to use a data recovery tool to recover any lost or deleted emails from your corrupted PST file. There are many such tools available on the internet and some of them can even be used to recover emails from Outlook’s Offline Storage Table (OST) files.

10. Consult a Professional –

If none of the above methods work, it is time to consult a professional for help. A certified technician will be able to analyze your computer and determine the exact cause of the issue with your PST file before recommending an appropriate solution.


The above steps should help you fix any issues with your Outlook PST files. However, if the corruption is severe and none of these methods work, it may be necessary to consult a professional for assistance. In such cases, it is important to ensure that you choose an experienced technician who can offer reliable solutions at reasonable costs.

These 10 steps should offer you assistance in resolving issues with corrupt PST files, but if you are still unable to repair them then it is best to consult a professional. The experts have the skills and knowledge required to fix your Outlook data files without further damaging them.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you should be able to resolve any issues with corrupt PST files. However, if all of these solutions fail, it’s best to consult a professional technician or IT expert for help in recovering your lost data.


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